Tall Clusia and Podocarpus Privacy Hedges

Tall Clusia and Podocarpus Hedges Installed

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Hi and Welcome to Miami Plants! 

My name is Santiago and giving homeowners like yourself privacy is my business, nothing else.

Look at today’s date.Ok?

Now, let’s say your hedge is installed in a couple of days.

Question for you…

One year from now:

  1. Will you remember how tall the plants were in their pots?


  1. How about the exact price you paid for each?


  1. Who you hired to install your privacy hedge?

You bet. 

Full disclosure: 

I want to win your business. Yes, I want you to hire – Miami Plants –  to take care of everything. This includes answering any questions about plant selection, suggesting the type and size that best suits your privacy, curb-appeal goals, your property’s specs, your garden’s sunlight amount and soil type among others.

But, there’s something else that I would also like: When your hedge is installed, I want you to also recommend Miami Plants to your neighbors, family and friends. I know you get what I’m saying if you sell anything too: Nothing beats a recommendation from a satisfied client.

But here’s the catch: In order for you to do this, I need to make sure you’re very happy with our customer service and of course your new hedge.

This means making the whole hedge installation process hassle-free from the get go. You know, like having a free plant estimator that eliminates the guesswork and costly headaches of finding out how many plants your new hedge needs.

Offering you alternative sizes that other nurseries just don’t bother to offer.

Or suggesting the option of using 2 different plant sizes when your hedge length is greater than the budget you have in mind.

That’s why I’d be delighted to receive your estimate request via our easy plant calculator and hop on a call with you to answer any questions regarding your new privacy hedge!

Remember: you want height and fullness if you want a true privacy hedge.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!



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