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Clusia and Podocarpus Privacy Hedges
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Clusia guttifera – Small Leaf Clusia

Podocarpus macrophyllus – Podocarpus Maki

7 Gallon Overgrown

15 Gallon Overgrown

 25 Gallon Overgrown

Miami Plants Delivers and Installs Plant Privacy Hedges from Key West to Jupiter and Naples too

Our Top Sellers are Podocarpus and Clusia but we also sell Arecas, Silver Buttonwoods, Cocoplums and all types of hedge trees that thrive in South Florida climate.

Get privacy in your own home

Both Clusia and Podocarpus are popular South Florida plant hedges used as privacy screens. Plant hedges provide privacy, add curb appeal to your home while enhancing your outdoor areas.


Plant Hedges can be grown taller than most fences.

Your plant privacy hedge can cover unsightly chain link/ wooden fences and will continue to grow taller adding to your home’s privacy.

Imagine surrounding yourself with a living green wall that grows taller, thicker and fuller every month of the year.  With more than 320 successful Clusia, Podocarpus installations, Miami Plants is South Florida’s specialist in privacy hedges.

Sit back and watch us install your Clusia or Podocarpus hedge and see how it  transforms your backyard where you’ll be spending much more time. We’ll make sure the right amount of quality plants are spaced out correctly, guarding your backyard from prying eyes.  Miami Plants knows how to get your healthy hedge off to a great start so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

You can quickly get an estimate and find out the correct number of plants needed for your new hedge: Just use our Hedge Plant Calculator to quickly compare plant sizes and quantities.Have a couple of more questions?

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